Muay Thai Jam 5. Edinburgh 13/11/2016

Jam On the 13th of November Hanuman Thai Boxing Edinburgh had their home show in the heart of the capital. The undercard was fought mostly under pro am rules including elbows and knees to the head with local talent pitted against the hanuman guys and gals. The main card had 7 contests 3 of which were world class Muay Thai fights. Craig Dickson (…….Muaythai) who’s been living and fighting the best in Thailand for the past 6 years including stepping into the ring with Saenchai (the pound for pound king). Craig fought a young upcoming Shane Farqharson from Kiatphontip Leeds. Dickson made light work of less experienced Shane stopping the contest in the very first round with and uppercut elbow. Second of the A class bouts Ja a current world champion and native Thai also coming from Kiatphontip Leeds took on Rui Botelho another current world champ from Team Dynamite in Portugal. This was one of the few bouts that went the distance but great it did as was class from start to finish! Rui gave Ja a lot of problems outside and in the clinch but the Thai switched on from round three hitting Rui at will with body kicks and scoring his was to victory. Both fighters showed serious skills and heart throughout making it one exhilarating fight. The grand finally was Hanuman’s very own current WBC Scottish Champion Ally Macpherson versus Luis Malyck Tavers the current WBC European Champion for the WBC International Championship belt. Luis controlled the fight showing of his slick style while Ally stayed focused and on him. After being out pointed in both the 1st and 2nd Ally knew that he had to take back control of the fight. Macpherson stalked luis down cutting him off on the ropes and unleashed a barrage of powerful hooks that hurt Travers. Ally up the pace again putting Luis on the rope and knocked him to the canvas with a devastating hook stopping the fight and taking the international belt by way of knock out.

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