Ultimate Muay Thai2 21.5.2016

Ultimate Muay Thai was an unprecedented lined up for Scottish Muay Thai pitching the the who’s who against each other including flying in some Scottish fighters living in the home land of our sport and even having Thai on the bill. We had two of our boxers on, our coach Wojtek Oleksyk vs Brian Totty from the Griphouse gym in Glasgow as well as Ally Macpherson who was pitched again Ryan Hurley For the Scottish WBC title. Wojtek vs Brian was a top calibre bout with great exchanges outside and in the clinch, Wojtek had the upper hand until a knock down in the forth as a counter to his vicious kick. He came back with a phenomenal 5th round but lost by split decision. Then Ally was up, both guys looking big for the weight category got stuck straight into it from the bell. After the ref broke the fighters up from clinching Ally throw a perfectly timed right hand to the jaw of Ryan putting him out cold before he hit the canvas. Macpherson was crowned champ with the green belt around his waist and that was us done for another day


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