Our Gym

Our Thai boxing gym is for many classes between 6am and 9pm and at flexible times for personal training, so you don't have to worry any more that training times might not suit you. You can come and enjoy your individual sessions using our equipment, or book a personal session with an expert trainer and we also have a wide variety of classes on offer designed for your level of experience or ability. Your monthly membership gives you access to an unlimited number of classes and access to the gym at any time during opening hours.

We also have some great offers for personal training. If you are keen to have a fast and effective way of learning, need some extra motivation or would just like the opportunity to work with a trainer one to one, you should try personal training at Hanuman Thaiboxing.

We have taken our vast experience in traditional Muay Thai methods and combined it  with an intelligent approach to sports science to provide you with the highest quality of  performance training at competitive prices.


  • Free parking
  •  Changing facilities, shower
  •  Boxing ring
  •  Fully matted floors
  •  Heavy bags, thai pads, focus pads
  •  Kettlebells, olympic weights

At Hunaman Thaiboxing gym you can try out and discover for yourself or train specifically in:
• Oriental Muay Thai fighting
• Dynamic k1 fighting
• Classic ‘western’ boxing
• Simple and effective self-defence techniques

Your safety is very important to us. That's why we use only high standards of equipment in training. We also want to make sure that our students are ready to take the right first steps in combat… first through sparring and then, if they show interest and are ready, in Muay Thai competition fights.
Classes at our gym are delivered in a structured program using micro and macro periods with their own distinct goals.
Training methods are carefully considered and chosen by us in our own extensive training and through experience that we have gathered in gyms and competitions in countries across the world.

So don't waste another minute! Get in touch with us to book your class absolutely free.