Muay Thai Jam 6

Muay Thai Jam 6

9th July 2017, 13:00

Portobello Town Hall - £30 Admission/£45 Ringside

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Join us for Scotland's greatest annual Muay Thai event, held in Edinburgh and featuring 19 A-Class/Pro-Am fights with full Thai rules. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with Roan and Wojtek by text or email. We look forward to seeing you there.


Under Card

1. Aurora Marriotta Hanuman Edinburgh vs Caitlin Robertson  Aberdeen Muay Thai  ( Junior bout 32kg )
2. Brad Mccallum Hanuman Edinburgh vs Lucca Rae Wassobama 2 ( Junior bout STBA Scottish Title 21kg 5yrs old)
3. Grace Currie Hanuman Edinburgh vs TBA ( Junior bout )

Main Card

1.  Patryk Sagan Hanuman Edinburgh  vs  Dariusz Palma Northern Spirit Muay Thai ( Pro A class rules 58kg)
2. Joe Wong Hanuman Edinburgh vs Ross Trainer D Unit  (Pro am rules 56kg)
3. Mark Arrowsmith Hanuman Edinburgh vs Jack Bullock Northern Kings Newcastle (Pro am rules 75kg)
4. Charlotte Crerar Hanuman Edinburgh vs Carlie McDonlad Aberdeen Fitness and Combat Centre (Pro Am rules 58kg)
5. John Wedderburn Aberdeen Muay Thai vs Ryan Grant  Sit Aruthaya ( pro am rules 65,5 kg)
6. Daniel Duenas Hanuman Edinburgh vs Callum Fullerton Wassobama Gym ( Pro Am rules)
7. Callum Deans Hanuman Edinburgh vs  Daniel van Lierop Dragon's Gym Carlisle ( Pro am rules 72kg)
8. Scott MacFarlane SMTC vs Cezary Zdunek Griphouse ( Pro am rules 79kg )
9. Bartosz Kozera Hanuman Edinburgh vs John Skivington POS ( Pro B class 70kg )
10. Mateusz Milon Hanuman Edinburgh vs Craig Swail Sortaksin Gym Fife (Pro am rules 73kg)
11. Artur Biernasz Hanuman Edinburgh vs Ryan Grant Sit Munghtai ( Pro am rules 63,5kg)
12. Daniel Jedrzejwski Hanuman Edinburgh vs Ellies Currie DBMA Darlington (Pro a class 67kg)

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